Solutions for Human Progress

At HuiChem, we believe that connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations. We believe that taking the extra step to be socially responsible does not hold us back, but instead sets us apart. We believe in the worth of our people, in the value of each individual employee and their differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in the power of difference. Every day, we strive to build a culture that embraces innovation, responsibility and diversity.


Connect chemistry and innovation with the principles of sustainability to make a better health life for human.


To be recognized by our clients as a reliable supplier for its superior quality, efficient and cost-effective services;  
To be recognized by our employees as a respectable employer for offering professional training, and career opportunities;  
To be recognized by our community as a responsible member for its belief in building a caring society and better world for all.

Core Values